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The 0.4 release obtains the friends list from a new page. Tray icon support was added and support for Pending friends was introduced. The new version works with the changes made to the Live site to support NXE features such as avatar pictures. More error handling support was added.

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Version Expected Released Summary
XBL Status 0.4.1 None 2009-03-22 This release fixes a bug 32-bit users were experiencing when logging in. It ...
XBL Status 0.4 None 2008-12-29 The 0.4 release introduces several new features and bugfixes, including suppo...
XBL Status 0.4.2 2010-01-18 2010-01-19 Bug fix release for friend icon errors. Also includes a feature to allow the ...
13 of 3 results

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Latest version is 0.4.2
released on 2010-01-19

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