GNOME frontend to the popular xchat IRC client

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Ubuntu Trusty (14.04) xchat-gnome 1:0.30.0~git20131003.d20b8d+really20110821-0.2ubuntu12
Ubuntu Saucy (13.10) xchat-gnome 1:0.30.0~git20110821.e2a400-0.2ubuntu9
Ubuntu Raring (13.04) xchat-gnome 1:0.30.0~git20110821.e2a400-0.2ubuntu8
Ubuntu Quantal (12.10) xchat-gnome 1:0.30.0~git20110821.e2a400-0.2ubuntu7
Ubuntu Linaro Evaluation Build Oneiric based series for Ubuntu LEB (12.04) xchat-gnome 1:0.30.0~git20100421.29cc76-1ubuntu8
Ubuntu Precise (12.04) xchat-gnome 1:0.30.0~git20110821.e2a400-0.2ubuntu4.1
Bilimbi Test Angry Aardvark (1.0) xchat-gnome
Ubuntu Oneiric (11.10) xchat-gnome 1:0.30.0~git20100421.29cc76-1ubuntu8
Ubuntu Natty (11.04) xchat-gnome
Ubuntu Maverick (10.10) xchat-gnome
Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) xchat-gnome 1:0.26.1-1ubuntu2
Ubuntu Karmic (9.10) xchat-gnome
Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10) xchat-gnome
Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10) xchat-gnome
Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04) xchat-gnome
Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) xchat-gnome 1:0.18-2ubuntu4.1