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xchat-gnome is a GNOME frontend for the popular X-Chat IRC client that was designed with an emphasis on simplicity, HIG compliance and desktop integration.

X-Chat has been one of the most popular IRC clients on linux desktops since the early days of GNOME. Version 1.0 was released 5 September 1999, mere months after the release of GNOME 1.0. X-Chat 2.0 (released in early 2003) was essentially similar to X-Chat 1.0, ported to the 2nd of gtk+. Because it was a port and not a rewrite, few of the UI ideas behind the new version were in line with those of GNOME 2, and as such, the default X-Chat gtk+ front end feels increasingly out of place in the GNOME desktop.

It was with this conclusion in mind that xchat-gnome was borked off the mainline X-Chat tree; our goal is to comply with the GNOME HIG guidelines while maintaining the power and convenience of X-Chat's the original gtk+ frontend.

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