xnoise media player v0.2.18 and plugins have just been released.

Written for xnoise by shuerhaaken on 2013-05-11

Changes since xnoise 0.2.17
  * Improvements for 'various artists' albums
  * Make use of disk number tag
  * Change caching strategy for album art
  * New sort mode for music browser: ALBUM-ARTIST-TITLE
  * Change panel icon
  * Prevent backlight dimming in fullscreen mode
  * Use spin button for year tag editing in albums
  * Make insertion of imported tracks into music browser faster
  * Improve album art discovery
  * Work around memory leak
  * Require libtaginfo version 0.1.6
  * Changes for possible build with clang
  * Automatically expire notifications on xfce
  * Do not switch main view if device is plugged in
  * Separate handling of toolbars with 'Ambiance' / 'Radiance' theme
  * Add some possibility for runtime reference tracking
  * Translation updates
  * Various bug fixes
  * Cleanups

You can download the new version here:

Ubuntu ppa (build pending):

xnoise on Google+:


Thanks to helpers, bug reporters and translators!

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