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Yarrow is a web front end to the RGTP bulletin board transfer protocol used on the Cambridge GROGGS forums.

RGTP is:
    * secure (users are cryptographically identified)
    * centralised (all discussion is held on one server under the control of nominated editors)
    * linear (the item format helps regulate thread drift)
    * mature (it has been in regular use for over fourteen years).

Yarrow is:
    * convenient (it can be used on any computer which can run a web browser)
    * stable (it has been in regular use on several sites for seven years)
    * safe (all state is held on one server, rather than being passed over the net)
    * free (the source is openly available, and licensed under the GPL).

The trunk is now reasonably mature, but branches will investigate:
    * the use of template systems (see )
    * server development (now carried out at )
    * the advantages of alternative storage systems in the server (especially flatfile versus relational database)

Contributions and expressions of interest are always welcome.

You can test-drive Yarrow at .

Photo of _achillea lanulosa_ by Jim Pisarowicz, public domain.

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