I'm a software developer and civil and digital liberties activist using Ubuntu and free software exclusively on all my computers. I'm a happy Ubuntu user, but I might consider switching to Trisquel because of the software freedom issue. Ubuntu is still a good, pragmatic free software solution.

In my day job, I program web shops in Python and PostgreSQL on machines running Ubuntu and PostgreSQL.

In my spare time, I write poetry and books. I just finished a popular introduction to the Qur'an and am currently working on a book on free software (in Danish).

I do some Ubuntu advocacy on my blog (http://www.modspil.dk). For the last two years, I was involved in starting up physical Ubuntu meetings in my home town of Aarhus, Denmark. Recently, however, I've had to discontinue this activity as all my spare time will be dedicated to finalizing my book on the free software movement, which I hope to see published some time in 2012.

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