Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
pykerberos Ubuntu Jammy 1.1.14-3.1build4 None
osinfo-db Debian Sid 0.20211013-1 None
wmwave Debian Sid 0.4-11.1 None
libvirt-glib Debian Sid 4.0.0-2 None
git-buildpackage Debian Experimental 0.9.23 None
libvirt-glib Debian Experimental 4.0.0-1 None
libvirt-python Debian Sid 7.0.0-2 None
libvirt-python Debian Experimental 7.0.0-1 None
libpam-ccreds Ubuntu Hirsute 10-8ubuntu1 None
git-buildpackage Debian Sid 0.9.22 amd64
libosinfo Debian Sid 1.8.0-1 None
kmscube Debian Sid 0.0.0~git20210103-1 None
pykerberos Ubuntu Hirsute 1.1.14-3.1build3 None
libvirt-python Ubuntu Hirsute 6.1.0-1build2 None
krb5-auth-dialog Debian Sid 3.26.1-4 None
python-dateutil Debian Sid 2.8.1-1 None
munin-libvirt-plugins Debian Sid 0.0.7-1 None
libhandy Debian Sid 0.0.13-2 None
osinfo-db-tools Ubuntu Focal 1.1.0-1build1 None
krb5-auth-dialog Ubuntu Focal 3.26.1-3build1 None
pykerberos Ubuntu Focal 1.1.14-3.1build1 None
git-buildpackage Ubuntu Focal 0.9.17ubuntu3 None
python-dateutil Ubuntu Focal 2.7.3-3ubuntu1 None
pykerberos Debian Sid 1.1.14-3.1 None
libhandy Ubuntu Focal 0.0.12-1ubuntu2 None
nosexcover Debian Sid 1.0.11-1.2 None
libpam-ccreds Debian Sid 10-8 None
libvirt-python Ubuntu Focal 5.0.0-1build1 None
osinfo-db Debian Buster 0.20181120-1+deb10u1 None
wlroots Debian Experimental 0.6.0-1 None
libosinfo Debian Experimental 1.4.0-1 None
osinfo-db Debian Experimental 0.20190411-1 None
wpan-tools Debian Sid 0.9-1 None
libhandy Debian Experimental 0.0.5-1 None
libvirt-python Ubuntu Disco 4.6.0-1build1 None
libvirt-python Ubuntu Cosmic 4.0.0-1build1 None
whatmaps Debian Sid 0.0.12-3 None
osinfo-db Debian Stretch 0.20180226-1~deb9u1 None
network-manager-iodine Debian Sid 1.2.0-3 riscv64
libvirt-python Ubuntu Artful 3.5.0-1build1 None
libosinfo Debian Jessie 0.2.11-1.1+deb8u1 None
osinfo-db-tools Debian Sid 1.1.0-1 None
cups-pk-helper Debian Sid 0.2.6-1 None
iceowl-l10n Debian Jessie None
iceowl-l10n Debian Experimental 1:4.7~b4-2 None
whatmaps Debian Jessie 0.0.9-1+deb8u1 None
whatmaps Debian Experimental 0.0.11~git0.4e704c-1 None
libvirt-glib Ubuntu Xenial 0.2.2-0.1ubuntu1 None
sapgui-package Debian Sid 0.0.10+nmu1 None
iceowl-l10n Debian Sid None
libvirt-glib Ubuntu Wily 0.2.1-0ubuntu1 None
wpan-tools Debian Experimental 0.4+git20150627-1 None
libpam-ccreds Ubuntu Vivid 10-6build1 None
nosexcover Debian Experimental 1.0.10-1 None
krb5-auth-dialog Debian Experimental 3.15.4-1 None
python-dateutil Debian Experimental 2.2-1 None
libvirt-glib Ubuntu Trusty 0.1.6-1ubuntu2 None
nss-updatedb Debian Sid 10-3 None
krb5-auth-dialog Debian Wheezy 3.2.1-1+deb7u1 None
iceowl Debian Sid 1.9-3 i386 armhf amd64
iceowl Debian Experimental 1.9-2 None
cups-pk-helper Debian Squeeze 0.1.0-3 None
libosinfo Ubuntu Quantal 0.2.0-0ubuntu1 None
sheepdog Debian Sid 0.3.0-3 None
sheepdog Debian Experimental 0.3.0-1 None
nss-updatedb Ubuntu Quantal 10-2build1 arm64
libpam-ccreds Ubuntu Quantal 10-5build1 None
network-manager-iodine Debian Experimental 0.0.2-1 None
prepaid-manager-applet Debian Sid None
cups-pk-helper Ubuntu Precise None
krb5-auth-dialog Ubuntu Precise 3.2.1-1 None
cups-pk-helper Debian Experimental 0.2.1-2 None
libvirt-tck Debian Experimental 0.1.0~1.git80b67a-1 None
git-buildpackage Ubuntu Precise 0.5.32 None
virt-top Ubuntu Precise 1.0.6-1 None
175 of 213 results