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Dark Room Customizations for Kabikaboo
User should be able to: - change background of dark room - change writing area of dark room (like 25% or 100px margins, top/buttom/left/right) - have an optional menu in margin that appears on mouse hover
Darkroom Mode for Kabikaboo
The user could take the current tab page and fill the screen with it. Hide the menu, tree, toolbar, tabs, status bar, etc. Flip the background to black and text to white/green. Maybe a keypress like F8 to jump in and out of dark mode. I personally wouldnt use this because I dont write inside Kabikaboo, I just use ...
Change Default Fonts for Kabikaboo
User should be able to: Change default fonts for: - Text editor - Tree titles - Node path - Tabs - Attributes
Improved Attributes Pane for Kabikaboo
The attributes pane has been lacking love for a long time. The bulleting choices should really be a pulldown menu, not a radio group. There are more settings and smoothings to do. Also included in this is the node link list.
Node-Node Link List for Kabikaboo
In the attributes area, there could be a simple List box with 0..N links to other nodes. Each node will have 0..N node_ids. Ideally the user can drag a node from the tree into the box. (How???) This will be useful for: - Linking characters to scenes - etc Behavior: - When you drag a node out of the list to the tree...

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