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Detect the strength of a password with a variety of means: (see whiteboard for complete list)  - Length  - Common words and digraphs  - The use of uppercase and lowercase  - The use of symbols (bonus points for non-standard characters)  - The use of numbers Provide estimated data about the time it would take to cra...
Web User Interface for Anonplus Web UI
Work needing to be done on the web UI: * Move to the apps folder * Use the API
GPG Key Requrements for Anonplus
All developers should be required to have a GPG key for the purposes of authentication, signing commits, and secure communication. Members of the administration team are expected to have a GPG key as well for secure communication and identity verification. BBot can then be setup to monitor commits and report commit...
Storage API for BBot
A system for storing data that is saved when the program exists. This prevents unexpected data loss due to application crash or closing. The storage data can then be loaded via
Auth API for BBot
An API module which allows for users to authenticate to the bot and be given specific privileges inside the bot through a series of flags.

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