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Tempest configuration contains a mixture of flags that defined how tempest should behave, and ids and names pointing to test resources to be used. This has several drawbacks: (1) configuring tempest requires a running cloud as we use IDs of test resources (2) using different resources in different tests requires a ...
The current client managers instantiate all possible clients at __init__ time and expose the clients via class attributes. The problem with this is that regardlless of tempest configuration about available services, extensions and API versions, all clients are instantiated. The proposed change is: clients are only...
Provide keystone v3 based check and gate jobs.
Some of tempest tests use ssh access to the VM to perform extra checks. In the current implementation ssh authentication is based only on username and password. Password injection in nova is an optional feature, and real life environment are more likely to use public-key authentication for improved security. This bl...

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