I graduated from Griffith University in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in 1994, with a Ba Informatics (Information Technology) Majors - Software Engineering, Information Management.
After that I worked creating Gui Based Database applications for 10 years.

Currently I'm working on my own Linux support business. www.penguintechservices.com

I currently run Ubuntu 9.10 on an Acer - Extensa 5620 T8100 2gb Laptop - My work laptop.
My other machines (build from scratch) are used for testing and a production base.
Connecting to a wireless network and a 3G network without any problems.

I have been playing around with Ubuntu since version 5.04
2008, I looked at Ubuntu again seriously and realized its potential, it truly is a revolution in the desktop market.
I like it mainly for its simplicity.
After purchasing a laptop with Vista on it, you actually realise all of the 'bloat' that it contains.
While Ubuntu has its problems, the potential is great, so lets go resolving that #1 bug.

One of the major obstacle that Ubuntu needs to overcome is generating enthusiasm in the
general computing public. People are generally complacent and creatures of habit.
Until we break this complacency and the habit of accepting the norm by educating people that there are alternatives we will not resolve that #1 bug.

I look forward to working on this project with the Ubuntu Community.

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