Architecture (B.Arch.)
C.S.I.T (B.S.)
I.S. (M.S.)

Worked in almost every field to learn :).

Likes; programming, drawing, translating, billiard/snooker, drinks/smokes (not like an alcoholic/chimney :) ), every kind of puzzle, most of the games, mystery/murder/horror etc. books/movies/series, Coca-Cola, etc...

Dislikes; politics, people who studied/educated lot n still uneducated (sadly education doesn't give knowledge to everybody :) ), who argues/anti about everything (i m enough anti person cant handle 2. :) ), who doesn't search about everything and still defends the idea/thing/belief because thinks that s/he knows everything about it.

Thats enough for now. I might change this page but might not be too. So stay tuned :)

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