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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
jsmath-fonts Ubuntu Eoan 1.3-3.1ubuntu1 2019-07-12 None
agtl Ubuntu Xenial 2015-12-08 None
chktex Ubuntu Wily 1.7.4-1ubuntu1 2015-08-05 None
glom Ubuntu Vivid 1.22.4-0ubuntu8 2015-03-08 None
devtodo Ubuntu Vivid 0.1.20-6ubuntu2 2015-03-04 None
libapache-mod-auth-radius Ubuntu Vivid 1.5.8-1.2ubuntu1 2015-02-26 None
circuslinux Ubuntu Vivid 1.0.3-29ubuntu1 2014-10-26 None
sdcc Ubuntu Utopic 3.4.0+dfsg-2ubuntu1 2014-07-12 ppc64el s390x ppc64el ppc64el
gnome-colors Ubuntu Utopic 5.5.1-2ubuntu1 2014-06-24 None
pppoeconf Ubuntu Utopic 1.21ubuntu1 2014-06-23 None
awscli Ubuntu Utopic 1.3.18-1ubuntu1 2014-06-23 None
alien-arena Ubuntu Utopic 7.66+dfsg-1ubuntu1 2014-06-22 None
twclock Ubuntu Utopic 3.3-2ubuntu1 2014-06-19 None
libdesktop-agnostic Ubuntu Utopic 0.3.92+dfsg-1ubuntu1 2014-06-17 None
lasi Ubuntu Utopic 1.1.0-1ubuntu1 2014-06-16 None
brightd Ubuntu Utopic 0.4.1-1ubuntu1 2014-06-14 None
dooble Ubuntu Utopic 0.0+svn874-0ubuntu3.1 2014-06-14 s390x
wmii Ubuntu Trusty 3.10~20120413+hg2813-6ubuntu1 2013-12-11 None
netsend Ubuntu Trusty 0.0~svnr250-1.2ubuntu1 2013-10-23 None
wmii Ubuntu Saucy 3.10~20120413+hg2813-3ubuntu1 2013-07-12 None
chktex Ubuntu Saucy 1.7.2-1ubuntu1 2013-07-02 None
altos Ubuntu Saucy 1.2.1-2ubuntu1 2013-07-01 None
libldm Ubuntu Saucy 0.2.3-1ubuntu1 2013-05-05 None
brainparty Ubuntu Saucy 0.61+dfsg-1ubuntu1 2013-04-30 None
glue Ubuntu Saucy 0.3-1ubuntu1 2013-04-29 None
libmason-perl Ubuntu Precise 2.15-1ubuntu0.1 2013-04-22 None
snmptrapfmt Ubuntu Raring 1.14+nmu1ubuntu1 2013-01-29 None
ecl Ubuntu Raring 11.1.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu1 2013-01-17 None
kiki-the-nano-bot Ubuntu Raring 1.0.2+dfsg1-4ubuntu1 2013-01-11 None
ikiwiki Ubuntu Raring 3.20121212ubuntu1 2012-12-12 None
spread-phy Ubuntu Raring 1.0.4-1ubuntu1 2012-11-12 None
kgb-bot Ubuntu Raring 1.23-1ubuntu1 2012-10-31 None
libkohana3.1-php Ubuntu Raring 3.1.5-1ubuntu1 2012-10-31 None
libconfig-model-dpkg-perl Ubuntu Raring 2.028ubuntu1 2012-10-31 None
libcatalyst-view-pdf-reuse-perl Ubuntu Raring 0.4-1ubuntu1 2012-10-30 None
libapp-cmd-plugin-prompt-perl Ubuntu Raring 1.003-1ubuntu1 2012-10-30 None
libcatalyst-view-excel-template-plus-perl Ubuntu Raring 0.3-1ubuntu1 2012-10-30 None
qutim Ubuntu Quantal 0.2.0-0ubuntu7 2012-10-09 None
bfm Ubuntu Quantal 0.6.4-5ubuntu1 2012-09-20 None
calamaris Ubuntu Quantal 2012-09-20 None
ddclient Ubuntu Quantal 3.8.1-1ubuntu1 2012-09-18 None
lastfmsubmitd Ubuntu Quantal 1.0.6-3ubuntu1 2012-09-18 None
ikiwiki Ubuntu Quantal 3.20120725ubuntu1 2012-09-12 None
gyoto Ubuntu Quantal 0.0.3-5ubuntu1 2012-08-06 armhf armel
conntrack Ubuntu Quantal 1:1.2.1-1ubuntu1 2012-07-27 None
snappea Ubuntu Quantal 3.0d3-22ubuntu1 2012-07-11 ppc64el arm64 ppc64el arm64
cloud-init Ubuntu Quantal 0.7.0~bzr564-0ubuntu2 2012-07-09 None
oregano Ubuntu Quantal 0.70-1ubuntu1 2012-06-27 None
openscad Ubuntu Quantal 2011.12-3ubuntu1 2012-06-18 armhf armel
redmine Ubuntu Lucid 0.9.3-1ubuntu0.1 2012-06-05 None
libalkimia Ubuntu Quantal 4.3.2-1ubuntu1 2012-06-03 None
vdr-plugin-fritzbox Ubuntu Quantal 1.4.2-2build1 2012-06-03 None
libccscript3 Ubuntu Quantal 1.1.7-1.2build1 2012-06-03 None
clamfs Ubuntu Quantal 1.0.1-1.1build1 2012-06-03 None
flexc++ Ubuntu Quantal 0.97.20-1build1 2012-05-31 None
oxref Ubuntu Quantal 0.90.03-1build1 2012-05-31 None
ccbuild Ubuntu Quantal 2.0.3-1build1 2012-05-31 None
bisonc++ Ubuntu Quantal 4.00.00-1build1 2012-05-31 None
drupal6 Ubuntu Quantal 6.26-1.1ubuntu1 2012-05-31 None
xmpi Ubuntu Quantal 2.2.3b8-13ubuntu1 2012-05-30 None
apt-watch Ubuntu Quantal 0.4.0-2.1ubuntu1 2012-05-28 None
lebiniou Ubuntu Quantal 3.18-1ubuntu1 2012-05-28 None
gnubiff Ubuntu Quantal 2.2.15-1ubuntu1 2012-05-28 None
libphone-ui Ubuntu Quantal 1:0.0.1+git20110825-2build1 2012-05-24 None
libfsoresource Ubuntu Quantal 0.9.0+git20110805-2build1 2012-05-24 None
mysql-workbench Ubuntu Quantal 5.2.38+dfsg-3build1 2012-05-23 None
kraft Ubuntu Quantal 0.45-1build1 2012-05-23 None
cfitsio3 Ubuntu Quantal 3.300-1ubuntu1 2012-05-21 None
gthumb Ubuntu Quantal 3:3.0.0-1build1 2012-05-19 None
gelemental Ubuntu Quantal 1.2.0-8ubuntu1 2012-05-17 None
diagnostics Ubuntu Quantal 0.3.3-1.3ubuntu1 2012-05-17 armhf
librecad Ubuntu Quantal 1.0.2+nolibs-1build1 2012-05-17 None
pyx Ubuntu Quantal 0.11.1-2build1 2012-05-17 None
dvipng Ubuntu Quantal 1.14-1build1 2012-05-17 None
voms Ubuntu Quantal 2.0.6-3build2 2012-05-17 None
175 of 624 results