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Android FIQ debugger for ARM for Linaro Linux
Figure out how (or if its appropriate) to upstream the FIQ debugger from Android. If its not appropriate, how can equivalent functionality be provided (possibly in a cross architecture way?) Anton said he would start looking at this to get a sense of what's all required.
Integrate and create a coheasive story around ram-console, persistent-ram, ramoops, pstore and persistent-ftrace. Currently there are a number of different "persistent logging" solutions: * ramoops: Upstream code that triggers to captures oops messages and stores them in ram (recently reworked to use pstore for a ...
Google found that Linux 'ondemand' cpufreq governor isn't suitable for the latency-senstive (e.g. UI) workloads, and impelemented its own 'interactive' governor. We have to investigate whether we should improve 'ondemand' governor, or modify 'interactive' governor so that it could be suitable for inclusion, or imple...
android upstreaming: Lowmem for Linaro Linux
Work with Google and upstream developers to provide an upstream-acceptable version of the extended OOM-killer functionality found in the Android patches

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