My name is Amal Bose and I'm a tech enthusiast who is passionate about coding and finds solitude in his sketching pad. My passion for technology started from school days itself. From downloading and installing every software i could lay my eyes on, tweaking (and/or messing up and reinstalling) the OS(Windows then) at insanely frequent intervals, i always wanted to try or do 'something' with my system. Like anyone with that craving, i found the open source community a true heaven. I instantly fell in love with Ubuntu and that showed Windows OS the way out of my system ;) (though i miss the Adobe suite and MS Office).
Right now I work as a White Box Tester in an MNC and on my free time i engage in some contribution work here in the form of translations (to my native tongue Malayalam) and bug reporting, though eagerly looking forward to bug fixing and development :)

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