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The previous spec [1] proposed to allow querying traits in the form of required=any:TRAIT1,TRAIT2. This spec goes one step forward and propose to allow repeating the required query parameter to support mixing both required=TRAIT1,TRAIT2,!TRAIT3 and required=any:TRAIT1,TRAIT2 format in a single query. This is needed ...
The GET /allocation_candidates request in Placement supports the 'required' query parameter. If the caller specifies a list of traits in the 'required' parameter then placement will limit the returned allocation candidates to those RP trees that fulfill *every* traits in that list. To support minimum bandwidth gu...
Use nested allocation candidates for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Placement added support for allocation candidates query against nested resource provider trees in microversion 1.29. Nova's scheduler report client needs to start using the new microversion to enable adding support for vGPUs, bandwidth and cyborg devices reported as nested RPs under the compute node RP. Work items ...
Network bandwitdh resource provider for OpenStack Compute (nova)
This BP covers the activities to add a new resource provider to define the available bandwidth in a network device. This resource provider will model the total amount of bandwidth available in a hardware device or a user define value, which will overwrite the value read from the compute agent driver. This available...
JSON Schema for versioned notifications for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Versioned notifications in nova have a well defined schema implemented with versioned objects. This schema prevents from changing the structure of the notification without communicating the change to the notification consumers. This communication is done via the version number embedded into the notification payload....