Team participation for Barry Warsaw

Barry Warsaw is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Aptdaemon Developers 2012-01-25 Member Not subscribed
Auto Package Testing Developers 2016-12-06 Member
Ayatana Discussion 2009-12-14 Member Not subscribed
Bazaar Developers 2007-03-05 Member
Bazaar GTK maintainers Member Bazaar Developers
Bazaar Log RSS developers Member Bazaar Developers
Bileto Users 2014-06-09 Member
Bzr-pqm-devel Member Bazaar Developers
Command Not Found Developers 2013-08-03 Member
Community-agile 2008-07-08 Member Subscribed
Enums in Python 2008-03-06 Owner Subscribed
Fibs aficionados 2008-01-18 Member Subscribed
GNU Mailman 2007-05-29 Owner
GNU Mailman Translators 2009-08-31 Owner
GTimeLog developers 2010-09-02 Admin
LAZR Developers 2011-06-21 Member
LAZR Users Member LAZR Developers Subscribed
Launchpad Beta Testers 2007-02-08 Member
Launchpad Development mailing list 2010-07-08 Member Subscribed
Launchpad Documentation Team 2009-06-04 Member Not subscribed
Launchpad Users 2008-09-16 Admin Not subscribed
Loom Developers Member Bazaar Developers
Mailman Administration 2007-06-22 Owner
Mailman Checkins 2007-06-22 Owner
Mailman Coders 2007-05-24 Owner
Platform Futures 2010-12-09 Owner
Python Development 2008-03-25 Owner
Python Dot Org Hackers 2009-04-20 Owner
Python email v6 development team 2010-01-22 Owner
QBzr Bugs Member bzr-qa, Bazaar Developers
Rebuilds Team 2012-10-25 Member Not subscribed
Rush Song Titles 2008-03-04 Owner Subscribed
Storm Developers 2011-09-24 Member
Trac-bzr-team Member Bazaar Developers Not subscribed
Twisted Buildslaves 2013-06-17 Member Not subscribed
US Teams Project Member Washington, DC LoCo
Ubuntu Chumby Hackers 2009-06-01 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Foundations Team 2010-06-21 Member
Ubuntu Haiku 2007-12-06 Owner Subscribed
Ubuntu Phone 2013-02-25 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Pythoneers 2010-06-15 Admin
Ubuntu Pythonistas 2010-06-15 Admin
Ubuntu Transition Trackers 2012-05-23 Member
Ubuntu Vegetarians 2012-11-05 Admin
Washington, DC LoCo 2007-05-08 Member
Wikkid Developer List 2010-05-25 Member Not subscribed
XEmacs 2008-03-11 Owner
ayatana-commits 2009-08-26 Member Not subscribed
bzr-core Member Bazaar Developers
bzr-git developers Member Bazaar Developers
bzr-hg developers Member Bazaar Developers
bzr-qa Member Bazaar Developers
bzr-repo-push Developers Member Bazaar Developers
click hackers 2013-04-10 Member
computer-janitor-hackers 2010-03-09 Admin
python-mode.el developers 2008-05-09 Owner
setuptoolsbzr Developers 2013-11-25 Owner
software-store-developers 2010-03-16 Member Not subscribed