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My name is Tony, I'm a 20 year old *nix enthusiast from down-under, currently working on kernel security, networking ezines, hobby video reviews & general usage assistance.

I have written reviews and articles both for Distrowatch, Linuxquestions and most recently contracted by MS to assist in the deployment of some exciting new technology, including Linux based virtual infrastructures & the upcoming cloud solutions.

I'm currently undergoing my RHCE & am ever keen to broaden my horizons.

My sole purpose in the Ubuntu community is to recruit "wouldbe" users in to "wantbe" members. Although Ubuntu may be a simpler distro, I think it's going to change the way people view linux in the years to come & open it up to the mainstream. Keep your eyes peeled for Android, too!

I can be reached at <email address hidden>
If you wish to chat my skype is ubuntuguru
Alternatively, drop a line @ the forums.

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