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This is a scheduler to place Neutron routers on suitable hosting devices (managed by Cisco device manager). This scheduler patch will also include a router-type aware l3agent scheduler which is essentially the traditional l3agent schedulers extended to be aware of Neutron routers of different types.
A device manager to handle Cisco devices used by Neutron plugins. The device manager manages the life cycle of devices in which other plugins want to implement service instances like Neutron routers, firewalls etc. The device manager also handles resource allocation in the devices it manages. This is a companion BP...
This is a scheduler of hosting device (managed by a Cisco Neutron device manager) to a configuration agent. This is a companion BP to the blueprint and the blueprint.
Implementation of Neutron's routing API (L3 and extraroute extensions to begin with) using Cisco virtual and physical devices, e.g., CSR1kv VM.
To make Devstack be compatible with the patches for the Quantum L3 plugin blueprint: ( the openvswitch file in lib/quantum_plugins must be modified so that the new L3 routing plugin is used. The code in that blueprint cannot pass Jenkins unless...

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