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1. Currently image list API only support specify one status to filter the images. For example, if we want to query the images which status is "active" or "queued", we need to call the query API twice separately. This blueprint aim to provide the ability to specify multiple status value in one image list API request...
Currently, servers list API doesn't support specify sort key and sort direction. Maybe it's a useful and valuable feature. This blueprint aim to provide this ability. This blueprint aim to provide the ability to the user to specify the sort key and sort direction to query the servers. For example , use can specify...
libvirt-pci-hotplug for OpenStack Compute (nova)
In current PCI passthrough implementation, a pci device is only allowed to be assigned to a instance while the instance is being created, it is not allowed to be assigned or removed from the instance while the instance is running or stop. This blueprint aims to implement the pci hotplug by supplying several api, whi...

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