I am Dylan Borg from Malta. I am an ICT graduate and the developer of the dylan.NET programming language. I am also a sound/light engineer.

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Operator Overloading for dylan.NET
This feature is really important. It consists of loading all available operator overloads for dylan.NET implemented operators and using them when available.
API Documentation for dylan.NET
This shall be a monodoc based set of API documentation for the whole dylan.NET project.
Method Chaining for dylan.NET
This is a method chaining implmentation that will allow calling instance methods and reading fields from the return values of array accesses, method calls and raw string literals.
Generic Support for dylan.NET
This generics support in its entireity i.e. making a consuming generic metadata.
Expression Evaluator for dylan.NET
This is what shall evaluate all AST instances of Expr and emit the correct IL for them. This includes operator overloads.

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