I'm a male, 53 years old italian, living in Mantua, a small town in northern Italy. Want to know more about it? Click on the links below for some infos on Vergil's homeland!

I'm a professional developer, currently working for a financial group.
My CV is chiefly focused on IBM zSeries Mainframe programming, i.e. lots of COBOL, SQL through the DB2 RDBMS and other platform-specific stuff.

How comes that I'm involved with Linux, then? Well, IT became an hobby far earlier than a job for me. I started playing with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16K long ago, in the golden age of 8 bit machines, walking through many winding paths and ending with Ubuntu, which I really enjoy as the best compromise between my beloved Debian and the needs of a family.

Yes, I'm married, and I've got two daughters, aged 26 and 21 respectively. They are the very interest of my life even now. My wife is a teacher, so a good office suite is a strong requirement for her.

Other things I find of interest are, in random order: music listening (especially that great prog rock of the 70's, Genesis amongst all); sci-fi (with an insane obsession for those b-movies of the 50's); reading books; Mantova 1911 (the football team of my town); astronomy; playing the guitar and probably many others I can't remember at present.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantua
[2] https://www.comune.mantova.it/index.php/turismo/english-version

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