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When support for placement allocations was added on the nova-side (initially in the resource tracker) the formats of the representations used in GET and PUT diverged. GET took on a dict oriented style, and PUT a list oriented style. Since then this disparity has caused confusion. A dict style is considered easier to...
Add minimum cache headers to placement service for OpenStack Compute (nova)
RFC 7232[1] says that a web service should send a last-modified header for any representation for a last-modified time can reasonable be deduced. The placement service does not currently do this. Including it will make it a better HTTP citizen and also provide useful metadata in the response. If a last-modified head...
Simultaneously Post Multiple Allocations for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Being able to create allocations for multiple consumers in one request will remove some of the racing built into the process described by , wherein an allocation is written for an instance and a migration uuid.

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