Work at Mirounga (French Company)
As Database Architect and Python developer
Also the CEO at Mirounga

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Christophe Chauvet
Poste de dev
English, French
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Manage Web Services with REST protocol for JasperReport Server Connector
In JasperReport Server 4.2 then REST Web Services is available Use it instead of SOAP
Add the NETRPC protocol for A SYLEAM Component - OpenObject Library
NETRPC is more fast than XMLRPC
Manage ACL per company for Odoo Server (MOVED TO GITHUB)
Actually, multi company doesn't permit to configure the right per database, for example read only mode in company 1, but read, write, create on other company. The compatibilty must keep with 5.0
Add the possibility to retrieve, create, delete a folder in the repository
Add field related historical in ORM for Odoo Addons (MOVED TO GITHUB)
Add new fields, a related historical (eg: on product to replace list_price and standard price) Why replace float by historical, because my price can change the next month, or which price price for a specific date. The date to define has been passed by the context.

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