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ION Import for Origen kernel enablement for Linaro Graphics Miscellany
Implement simple ion kernel driver for Origen which handles user allocation request via UMP user driver and parse ion_fd to ump kernel driver.
UMP ION import for Android UMM enablement for Linaro Graphics Miscellany
Enabling gralloc_ump for using ION in Android user space and ump ion import in kernel driver to share memory ION, which will be connected to dma_buf in kernel space.
Common LAVA interface for GPU perf for Linaro Graphics Miscellany
For supporting method to display GPU perf events to LAVA dashboard, it needs to provide common interface for any GPUs, which started with Mali at the first step as a pilot project.
Prepare kernel frameworks for integration of ARM GPUs.
Standardize memory management for ARM/embedded GPUs (e.g. GEM, TTM, UMP)