Irish Ubuntu developer and former Launchpad engineer, living near Cambridge, England.

Pronouns: he/him or they/them.

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Update on progress tracking for getting components together for aarch64 support in Ubuntu for the r cycle. Following on from Areas for development for 13.04: == toolchain == Progress of toolchain support for aarch64-linux-gnu, following o...
We've talked about reverting uploads as a tool for correcting regressions in the development release. This practice has not been adopted as widely as it probably should be. Discuss the reasons and come up with clear policies on when reverting is the right answer (as well as when it isn't), so we can act on these p...
Review of the secure boot implementation for precise. Progress updates on the signed boot path, secure boot tools, and Ubuntu infrastructure. Development plans for the next cycle, areas that we left for implementation in 13.04, and backport progress for the 12.04.2 update.
Archive reorganization has been stalled in a halfway state. Discuss what needs to happen for 12.10 to make the main/universe distinction obsolete for community and Canonical stakeholders.
We have many reports that help us keep track of automatically-detectable problems in the development release (FTBFS, NBS, component-mismatches, the conflict checker, the transition tracker, etc.). These are all well and good, but they are rather disconnected from each other and in many cases do not provide very goo...