Club Ubuntu is a successful Virtual Linux Users Group that has existed for over two years now and continues to grow. The focal point of our community is our IRC channel located on Freenode in ##club-ubuntu. To drop in, try our portal at:

We have organized several successful WAN parties (playing FOSS games over the internet) and have made very strong showings in the Global Ubuntu Bug Jam more than once (coming in first place and third place respectively).

The idea of Club Ubuntu is to bring people together in a space filled with as much freedom as possible, to encourage creativity and collaboration, and to see what friends using linux can make happen together. We want you to take ownership of our community and use it to build something of value for everyone.

For more information visit our website at

Club-Ubuntu is a "Virtual LoCo" and socializing venue located in ##club-ubuntu on the Freenode IRC Network. We are an independent and user driven community of past, present, and future Ubuntu users. Club-Ubuntu places a special emphasis on individuality and freedom. Every member of Club-Ubuntu is invited to own a piece of the community, to pursue their interests within it, and to add their unique voice to a space that favours liberty over control. As a group we are extremely diverse and dynamic. Spanning all age groups and levels of experience, one never knows what they may find within Club-Ubuntu. Sometimes messy, often stimulating, Club-Ubuntu is the world's greatest hangout for people who love Ubuntu and the freedom to choose their own adventure.

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