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Add additional steam effects for steam locomotive. Additions will include alternating cylinder steam cocks, compressor steam leak, drainpipe (?). Discussion: Roadmap:
Steam generator effects for Open Rails
Add visual and performance effects for steam generators added primarily to diesel or separate power cars. Discussion: Roadmap:
Adjust physics performance as the mass of the wagon changes due to load. This change will cover both wagons, and some of the aspects of locomotives and tenders. Potential items for change:     Friction(), MaxBrakeForce(), MaxHandBrakeForce, etc Discussion:
Improve tractive force and wheelslip calculation, by adding "OrtsDriveWheelWeight" param to diesels and electrics so the simulation of driven/non driven axles are possible, later the visuals should be improved too, ability to set which axles are driven, and which are not, so the wheelslip rotation only applied on dr...
There were generally 2 Ejectors on a vacuum braked steam locomotive. There was a "Large" Ejector which was used to rapidly exhaust the brake system when the brake controller was set to Release. Alternatively, the Large Ejector control could be operated directly if there was no Release sector on the brake controller....

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