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dragonflow-ansible-role for kolla-ansible
dragonflow-ansible-role will be implemented once its docker container is ready with kolla. Containers: 1. dragonflow local controller runs on each compute node 2. dragonflow metadata service runs on each compute node 3. dragonflow publisher service runs aside neutron server 4. dragonflow l3 agent runs on the networ...
Another take on the devenv for kolla-kubernetes
Halcyon is unmaintained and doesn't work. It is also not gated in any way, making it unsuitable for further use in kolla-kubernetes. Recommend taking a page from this review:
Add new Keystone upgrade logic for kolla-ansible
We need to change our ks upgrades to follow this guide for N->O ugpgrades Working as a coauthor with Duong Ha-Quang:- Closes-Bug: #1634016 too in the picture iof this BP. Commit Messag...