I was brought into the linux world on an IBM Thinkpad with 32megs of ram. At that time I ran DSL, when I upgraded to my former "powerhouse" IBM 390E (192megs ram, 366mhz) I began by running Ubuntu. After trying each flavour of Ubuntu I decided that due to hardware restrictions Xubuntu was the system for me. I got bored of XFCE, however and ran Kubuntu, however slowly. With a few upgrades I'm now running KDE4/Kubuntu on a Netvista machine and it is beautiful. I am learning more everyday. I signed up for Launchpad, originally, for access to ShipIt. Now I try to contribute what I can, mostly just adding Canadian English translations and such. Thats about it for me. Enjoy (X/K/Ed)Ubuntuing.

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