Celso Providelo

I'm a Launchpad developer who worked on Soyuz subsystem, https://launchpad.net/soyuz.

Soyuz is a component, if fact, a group of components, that gives Launchpad the ability to process, build and publish software packages. See a brief overview in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CelsoProvidelo/SoyuzInfrastructureOverview.

It has been very successfully hosting the Ubuntu distribution since 2006 and more recently thousands of very cool PPAs.

If you want to know more about PPAs check https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart and my recent PPA-classroom notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CelsoProvidelo.

Further information about me can be found at http://www.gitsware.net/~cprov/ or http://cprov.blogspot.com/.

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Packaging Strategy for ARToolkit libraries
This specification should describe the improvements we would like to introduce before packaging the upstream code. Things like reliable configuration system, maybe by adding Autoconf/Automake support, improving the modularisation, so the users can install only the right video_backend for their system and so on.