I'm an unusual scientist who has built his research institute on Ubuntu (Kubuntu to be specific). We now exist on the internet as Cyborg Alpha, a cybernetics project (based in Open Source). We do not believe in forking - but creating an open and integrable environment. While Canonical is moving in it's own direction - Kubuntu (Ubuntu) should remain open and highly customizable. It is not sufficient to want (in a open - community - environment) participation is required at some point.

You can find me here; http://youtube.com/CyborgAlphaV1/

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Test-bench0 for Kubuntu-Remix
The construction of the first test bench for the Kubuntu Remix project.
Kubuntu Remix for Kubuntu-Remix
Instead of endless forks, a remix allows for openness and means of dealing with coding conflicts, such as we have seen with FFmpeg and Libav. This blueprint marks the progress of this project.

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