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We need to create composable services for ironic-inspector to be able to install it in the overcloud (and heat-driven undercloud).
Ironic PXE supports ipxe provisioning nodes. TripleO uses ipxe as well. We should allow Kolla Pxe container users to choose ipxe as a deployment option.
Install the new Nova placement API packages into the nova-api container. These contain WSGI scripts that enable some kolla deployments (TripleO) to run the Nova placement API via Apache.
TripleO runs the following services under Apache httpd: -Ironic iPxe -Cinder Api -Aodh Api -Gnocchi Api -Horizon Api -Nova Api When making use of Kolla docker containers we would like to be able to optionally make use of httpd via a custom entrypoint. As many of these projects do not require the use of Apache (it...
Deploy the undercloud with Heat instead of elements. This will allow us to use composable services for the Undercloud as well.

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