I'm an non-tech head with a desire to contribute back to the community. In doing so I started off as part of the bug squad just confirming that bugs happened or adding comments to make the bug more complete. However not being a tech-head I was soon stumped with the introduction of apport (dev's you might know what it says I have no idea :( ).

So just when I'd about given up Henrik Omma put out a request for testers. I thought I can install Ubuntu and I can use it so I can test it :). I signed up and once again felt useful. It doesn't take long to figure out who in which devel-community will help you out with info you need to give them so they can fix the bugs.

It is this work that I'm known for and for that reason I was voted an ubuntu-member.

Leaving thoughts:
If I can do it and earn some respect off most of the dev's then you can too.

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