Description...mmm...always a hard thing to do for oneself. Its best, in my opinion, to let others describe you a true reflection of oneself! But none the goes:

I'm currently CEO of a company in Nairobi, Kenya. It's exciting, pressured and full of challenges, like any other job I presume. I have started getting involved in OpenSource about 9-10 years ago and haven't look back, as most of my other OpenSource compatriots. Ubuntu, I have been using this since V5.10 and currently running the latest version on my laptop.

I like working on Ubuntu server and desktop based software and I'm continually building servers and the relevant systems like mail, ldap, web and database services on them, for friends and some businesses. I like programming a lot, mostly in PHP, but I venture on some coding in Java using Aptana Studio for both languages.

I always wanted to give more to this project, Ubuntu in general, and got a way to start giving rather than taking.

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