I was born in 1956 in the small but gorgeous Casentino valley in Tuscany.

I've done my secondary school ( A-level ) in Electronic then studied at Pisa University what it was at that time ( 1975 ) the IT Technology - just as an example I had to learn programming in ALGOLW, a Russian 1860 language just because the teacher of TAMC class was a Comunist . After University and military service ( in VENEZIA !!! ) I have been working in Software Houses on GCOS, DataGeneral and IBM-S36 from the 80s until UNIX and DB and 4th generation languages became popular.

I've been then free lance with my own General Purpose SW Package for running small medium companies accounting, inventory, invoicing and all that sort of things based on the SCO UNIX and STRATOS ( a 4GL made in Casentino ) until the EURO came, then i had to take a deep breath and decide "spitting and licking blood " on a hug conversion or just GIVE-UP.

On 1996 I decided to GIVE UP WITH COMPUTERS and went into the "Accommodation Industry" opening the first B&B in Florence and at the same time one of the first PORTAL into B&Bs - my www.bnb.it site has been registered quite q while ago when without competitor I could have been loaded ...... but I've been silly and wasted all my time enjoying my guests company and forgetting computers and not improving that site which is still inactive ( can someone of you help me there ?!? that would be great !! ) .

On January 2007 with the decision of KILL-BILL and installing Linux on my new business' PC, I've got back to the "first love" : PROGRAMMING .

Of course at my age I cannot be that productive on there but my English got pretty good to be able to face some TRANSLATION.

I've been immediately scratching my nose on some use of "you" as "VOI" - sorry it was me who cause the "tu o voi" stress - or some "volume" as "volume" ... or "storage" as "cartella" a bit silly way of translating English into Italian ... but I will try to go with it.

Let see what this Italian Group of translators would bring me .... and most of all, what I will be able to bring the OpenSW community.

Hope for the best
Ciao From Florence

Danny ( Daniele sounds for a female to English speaking people - hope the Conservative Italians won't mind this translation lets say it is a nickname !! )

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