Maintained Packages

124 of 24 results
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
gnu-standards Debian Sid 2022.03.23-0.1 None
enscript Debian Sid None
apt-transport-tor Debian Sid 0.2.1-1 None
mdbtools Ubuntu Oneiric None
mdbtools Debian Sid None
imspector Ubuntu Natty 0.9-1 None
imspector Debian Sid 0.9-1 None
mdbtools Ubuntu Maverick None
enscript Ubuntu Maverick None
gnu-standards Ubuntu Maverick 2010.03.11-1 None
postgresql-autodoc Ubuntu Lucid 1.40-3 None
gnu-standards Ubuntu Lucid 2010.01.27-1 None
enscript Ubuntu Lucid 1.6.5-1 None
postgresql-autodoc Debian Sid 1.40-3 None
mdbtools Ubuntu Lucid None
mdbtools Ubuntu Karmic None
gnu-standards Ubuntu Karmic 2009.03.12-1 None
enscript Ubuntu Jaunty 1.6.4-13 None
gnu-standards Ubuntu Jaunty 2008.06.10-1 None
postgresql-autodoc Debian Lenny 1.31-1 None
gnu-standards Debian Lenny 2008.06.10-1 None
enscript Debian Lenny 1.6.4-12 None
postgresql-autodoc Ubuntu Intrepid 1.31-1 None
enscript Ubuntu Hardy 1.6.4-12 None
124 of 24 results