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A graphical track editor, using a variety of implementations of the TrackSections interface to group TrackSurfaces into an easier-to-control interface. Dialogs like the Material editor should be standardized, non-modal, and immediately updating.
The EditorObject needs to contain everything common to an editable object. These objects include, for example, TrackSection, obstructions and scenery.
On top of the EditorObject features, every track section has a bunch of common components, some of which significantly complex. This base class would provide common support for these features.
A raw event mapper class that the root element instantiates. The mapper would be able to load and store mappings, grab all input events and push the translated events back into the input queue.
Since there are many moving vehicles in one frame, we need a good algorithm to hit check and advance all the vehicles in a mostly parallelized manner. A colliding vehicle will have a new velocity vector that could collide with something else, so multiple iterations are required. The goal of this algorithm is to pr...

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