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gnome-do-plugins ( jaunty; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
    + Banshee plugin goes crazy if banshee isn't loaded first
      (LP: #289802)
    + gnome-do gCalculate plugin fails to display "times" symbol
      (LP: #274252)
    + Banshee-1 fails to build in Mono 2.0 (LP: #309188)
    + Pidgin 2.5.4 has incompatible dbus interface. s/uint/int/
      (LP: #314927)
    + Pidgin plugin hangs opening a chat if pidgin is unresponsive
      (LP: #315565)
    + twitter plugin still reports friend updates even when
      deactivated (LP: #317674)
    + Misspelling in microblogging plugin confirmation message
      (LP: #319433)
    + make install uses mdtool, but configure doesn't check for it
      (LP: #322951)
    + Virtualbox Icon in 2.10 are broken because of a new
      specification (LP: #323902)
    + Google Maps Plugin shouldn't always use route (LP: #324271)
    + Fix for Google Maps when using newlines and other special
      characters (LP: #324667)
    + VirtualBox failed to load icon (LP: #325712)
    + 'Read Man Pages' plugin makes Gnome-Do unresponsive
      (LP: #325935)
    + Search returns broken URLs (LP: #327855)
    + Default action for SSH hosts is "open" (LP: #328236)
    + Files and Folders Configuration doesn't use standard buttons
      (LP: #328236)
    + Window manager maximize action should focus if window is not
      currently focused (LP: #258893)
    + Locate plugin has no error message (LP: #262360)
    + Wishlist: Let user specify files and folders to ignore
      (LP: #263177)
    + ts-client plugin doesn't index subdirectories (LP: #322352)
    + Max 3000 items in Files and Folders plugin (LP: #324105)
    + putty cannot find host when running from gnome do
      (LP: #324282)
    + locate plugin with globbing (LP: #334798)
    + Twitter plugin encountered an error in UpdateFriends
      (LP: #317575)
    + gnome-terminal profiles no longer work (LP: #321977)
    + Creating a task using Remember the Milk plugin can fail if
      no task list is specified (LP: #324066)
    + bundled libraries makefile needs destdir (LP: #324704)
    + Typographical error in plugin (LP: #330525)
    + ImageShack fails to upload (LP: #337324)
  * debian/copyright
    + Refresh for new upstream version; new plugins added.
  * debian/patches/00_dfsg_autofoo.dpatch
    + Update for new upstream version
    + Don't build the YouTube plugin due to removal of shipped
      exes and dlls causing FTBFS
  * debian/patches/02_ssh_respect_exec_arg.dpatch
    + Drop; fixed upstream

 -- Daniel T Chen <email address hidden>   Sat, 14 Mar 2009 12:44:03 -0400

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