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Upgrade control to Ubuntu 12.04 for LAVA Validation Lab
Our production instance of LAVA, control, is currently running on Oneiric. We have recently encountered various issues related to not being on an LTS release as well as not matching the OS level of our staging/dogfood servers. We need to put together a transition plan to move control to 12.04 with minimal service d...
Deploy more Arndale boards in the lab for LAVA Validation Lab
There are supposed to be 5 Arndale boards in the lava lab, but due to various reasons (DOA boards, loaner boards, UEFI development) there are only 2.
Complete Galaxy Nexus CI for LAVA Validation Lab
Once a Galaxy Nexus is deployed in the lab, we need to ensure that the CI team is submitting daily builds to LAVA for this and that we have a proper image-status reports page for it.
Micron have a technology that will help with test image deployment in LAVA. This is a BP to track the investigation into it's deployment.
SD Card Mux for LAVA Validation Lab
We've got a preliminary design for an SD card mux. We'll try and get some boards made and make this very useful tool a reality this cycle. See notes at:

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