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Add a new top-level variable CONF_DIR that sets the configuration directory for OpenStack services. Default value is /etc to stay compatible. This allows config files to be moved in to /opt/stack/etc or similar to simplify gathering/removing the config files and allow for the reduction in root requirements.
List server and client API information for python-openstackclient
Implement the first cut at API version detection. May need to use hard-coded API version information to handle the differences in the different services return formats until a common schema is adopted.
implement swift client commands for python-openstackclient
Implement the features of the existing swift client
Python 3 compatibility for python-openstackclient
Bring existing code up to base python3 compatibility
Restart Services for devstack
Rather than always being destructive, we should allow restart of services on a node without destroying all the existing data.

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