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Mock Framework in Unit-tests for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
Summary ======= mock framework is included in Python 3 standard library and is available for Python 2.x too Motivation ======== Mock has more friendly assertion error messages than mox3 does and supported well. mox3 is a mock fork with Python 3.x compatibility supported by OpenStack. Description ========= We have ...
rally should support different OpenStack APIs versions
In case if application is under Apache+mod_wsgi i't not recommended to use signals [1]. We need to have configuration option for handling 'touch file' event instead of signal [1]
Puppetmaster hostname should be configurable for OpenStack Core Infrastructure
Fow now, '' is hardcoded in 'modules/openstack_project/templates/puppet.conf.erb'. For local OpenStack Infra setup it is useful to configure puppetmaster hostname in heira config.

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