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Add '--detailed' param to 'cinder list' and 'cinder show' commands to fetch all details about volumes including snapshots, backups, etc
Cinder DB Archiving for Cinder
In Nova (Grizzly) we added new feature DB Archiving. The problem: We actually don't delete rows from db, we mark it only as deleted (we have special column). So the DB is growing and growing, so this causes problem with performance. The solution: Create shadow tables and copy "deleted" rows from main to shadow t...
Puppetmaster hostname should be configurable for OpenStack Core Infrastructure
Fow now, '' is hardcoded in 'modules/openstack_project/templates/puppet.conf.erb'. For local OpenStack Infra setup it is useful to configure puppetmaster hostname in heira config.
This is the base BP for others BP, that should collect all other BPs around DB. In Nova we have done a tons work in grizzly around improving DB handling: 1) provide unique constraints 2) shadow tables, to remove deleted rows from table 3) migration tests on all backends with real data 4) improved session handling...
The goal of this blueprint is to load only extensions supported by specified plugin. There is no sense to try load plugin unsupported extensions

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