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This blueprint will help to make Keystone Fernet keys rotations working in TripleO multinode environment, in a way that scale, is secure and is friendly for operators.
Add TripleO parameters to customize policy.json file for all OpenStack services. Puppet modules already support this change, we just don't use it yet in TripleO. The format would be a dictionary (hash) of key/values that we want to configure. An example should be given in-tree and some documentation needs to be wri...
It became a community goal: We need to switch OpenStack APIs to be deployed in WSGI with Apache, when the project support it. We already support some services, but not all. We need to do it in Pike to meet this goal and deploy API in a common wa...
Remove Deprecated params for puppet-nova
A lot of params are deprecated in manifests, we should remove them to have something clean.

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