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Support Python 3.5 for tripleo
The OpenStack community has been working on porting to Python 3 since the Havana summit, following a long-term and multi-phase approach. Python 2.7 is scheduled for end-of-life in 2020, and is currently only receiving security updates, so there is a firm deadline for finishing the transition. We need to finish enabl...
It seems like there is a common interest in pushing deployment guides for different OpenStack Deployment projects: OSA, Kolla. The landing page is here: And one example: openstack-docs ...
Allow TripleO users to specify which services they want to provide debug logs, because currently there is only one single parameter to enable or disable debugs for all services in the same time. The condition of satisfaction of this blueprint is to be able to enable or disable debug for each OpenStack services supp...
OpenStack Keystone plans to remove v2.0 API soon, we need to switch all OpenStack projects to use Keystone v3.
It became a community goal: We need to switch OpenStack APIs to be deployed in WSGI with Apache, when the project support it. We already support some services, but not all. We need to do it in Pike to meet this goal and deploy API in a common wa...

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