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Improved goals for Cyphesis
The current collection of goals needs to be extended with many more goals, to allow for more gameplay and more lifelike behaviour of NPCs. It’s expected that the concrete goals needed should become apparent as the current AI code is improved and we migrate over to new worlds, with more defined gameplay mechanics.
Replace existing goals mechanism with a protected property, containing a map.
The boost::filesystem package provides robust features for interacting with the filesystem. This should be considered rather than the current mixture of C++ and C, with platform specific cases.
Currently we have a Wield op used when we want to wield things. We should instead use the "planted_on" property (perhaps rename it to "attached_to" and rename "planted" to "attached"?), and use Move ops to wield things. When an inventory domain is used the "planted_on" property refers to the "attach_*" point of the ...
Any entity which causes plants to receive nourishment should be using a "nourishing" property. Currently this functionality is hardcoded to be handled by the world; it should instead be handled by a property. When nourishing contained entities, mass should be taken from the entity, unless it's marked to be "infinite...