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There needs to be a proper mechanism for how move checks are performed. Whenever an entity tries to move something there should be checks on the entity which performs the move, the entity that's being moved and the domain which contains the moved entity. Only when all these are resolved should the move be allowed. T...
As we now add support for Mercator mods, we'll get into the situation where any older client connecting to a newer version of cyphesis where there are mods applied will get a terrain that is different from the one defined on the server (since older Ember clients won't understand the "terrainmod" attribute). This mig...
Split the "terrain" property into separate ones, "terrain_points" defining points. This should also allow for child entities to contain terrain definitions.
Stackable Entities for Cyphesis
Add support for entities that can be stacked, so that a single entity object in the server represents multiple instances of the same class. Most commonly and easily this would handle objects where every single instance is identical with no variation, but it could also be used to handle non-uniform stacks using priva...
Improved goals for Cyphesis
The current collection of goals needs to be extended with many more goals, to allow for more gameplay and more lifelike behaviour of NPCs. It’s expected that the concrete goals needed should become apparent as the current AI code is improved and we migrate over to new worlds, with more defined gameplay mechanics.

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