Written in 2017-June:

I used to be in charge of Ubuntu papercuts quality assurance, and give priority to 90% of bugs in Ubuntu. Also I made the first origami design in Ubuntu. All in a hope that the operating system would become more accepted, and libre software could become the standard.

But I'm no longer active in Ubuntu. Reasons include:

- Most projects around Ubuntu have failed consistently through time, so I don't trust the leadership behind it. They focused in ephemeral trends, like tablets and phones, instead of what really mattered: the desktop, the contributors, and libre software becoming a standard.

- Ubuntu brand is no longer bold about their values, neither about its compromise to deliver an operating system for the average person in the desktop. Which was indeed my main purpose here.

- From 2013 to 2017 I had been the greatest non paid contributor to bug triaging. But even then I wasn't allowed to improve any process around it, and nobody else was willing to do the job instead. This was the main source of bugs, and users quitting the OS, contributing in this area been too complex.

- As result of the above the community started caring more about the political correctness, about "lets be friends here and pretend there's no problem", rather than the technology succeeding on its purpose. That lead to tension among members, and eventually to many important long term contributors quitting or not enrolling anymore that much. As specimen the Kubuntu founder, and many people in the Community Council.

Since I felt people were resistant to address these issues, I decided to be honest myself and leave the project behind. If the situation changed I could perhaps reconsider my choice.


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