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Giving an entirely new version of any widely used software program to our entire user base all at once is unnecessarily fraught with peril. Instead, let's employ a phased update strategy wherein we provide the updated software to an ever-expanding set of random users. This pool of users will be grown as our confide...
From the specification (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ErrorTracker): "If a software update is known to fix the problem, replace the primary alert with the software update alert (or progress window, depending on the update policy), with customized primary text. Or point them at a web page (not a wiki page!) with details if...
We currently only generate ddebs for the most recent versions of packages in the archive. With the new crash database, we receive a lot of core dumps which we cannot completely retrace because of this issue (https://errors.ubuntu.com/api/retracer/results). For the Launchpad-reporting side of things, this results in ...
Integration with a hardware database. Pig or Hive (Hadoop) support. Backporting the reporting client (whoopsie) to previous Ubuntu versions. Discuss the state of Upstart's inotify event support. Further changes to the statistics website. API requirements. Sort out our story on mean time between failures (http://past...
Investigate whether we can work around the problems of not being able to retrace core dumps on the local system and ASLR making generating an accurate retrace without function names difficult. Being able to create a stack trace with just addresses would allow us to submit that small chunk of data to the crash datab...