As I step onto the crowded bus she immediately catches my eye. She is "displaying" her superb breasts, albiet unintentionally, becuase she has to hold onto the overhead bar for stability.

Fortunately there is space for me to move in behind her. I take up a position very close to her. How much can I get by with? How much can I blame on the crowded condition of the bus, the swaying of the bus as we stop, take off, turn?

I have no idea how long she will be on the bus so I decide to be rather bold, rather quick!

I have a very nice view of her succulent 36C breasts as they are pushed up and are pushing against the restraint of her v-neck blouse as she stretches her arm up to grasp the handrail.

At the first stop I allow my body to contact hers slightly. She seems not to notice. As the bus accelerates I sway back but keep the gap between us smaller than it was originally.

At the next stop a repeat performance. This happens 3 more times. I feel a stirring in my loins, a heat emanating from my core and spreading through my entire body. My cock stirs and becomes semi-rigid.

A sudden braking by the bus to avoid a car catches me off guard and causes me to press my groin against her hip! I feel the warmth of her body through the material that separates us! Did she feel me I wonder?

At the next stop the person in the seat next to me gets off. I offer the seat to her and she accepts. More people get on so it is not unreasonable for me to keep my current position which is right next to her, my groin at shoulder height to her.

As she squeezed past me to get to the seat I felt an incredible amount of heat radiating from her. I seemed to detect a bit of color in her cheeks, a slight flush maybe?

This emboldens me, my member is now rock hard! I throw caution to the wind and let my contact with her shoulder linger, well beyond anything that could be blamed on the crowded condition of the bus or its erratic movements. She does not object, seems to like it.

I now maintain a steady contact - my groin rubbing her shoulder, just two pieces of cloth keeping my hot member from touching her creamy, pale flesh!

 I move my hips in time with the movements of the bus, keeping contact with her all the while! This is her stop!

When she stands to disembark she looks me in the eye and whispers "if you want to continue, follow me".

 My heart immediately jumps into overdrive, my respiration increases and a flood of heat courses through my body as I follow her off the bus!

 I step down from the bus and look around. For a moment I don't see her and I wonder if she ran off. But there she is, leaning against the nearby mail box. She barely meets my gaze; a quick glance of her dark brown eyes, absorbing my features and my build.

 The slightest hint of a smile crosses her lips, but then she turns away and starts walking. I follow. Her jeans cling to her hips, riding a little low, exposing her lower back. She is wearing a green woollen jacket that's modest, pulled tight around her frame. As she walks, I can see her move to unzip it a little before sliding her hands into her pockets.

 It's a leisurely stroll, keeping her almost within reach, but she steps it up every time she hears my footsteps behind her, so that I am kept behind her, watching her hips sway, appreciating the curve of her thighs, the way her jeans flare slightly over her calves, and how her heeled boots make her legs look longer, drawing attention to her ass.

 I follow her to a quieter lane. Dusk is beginning to set in. The odd cyclist whizzes past, but otherwise no pedestrians venture here. She pauses, her heart pounding, leaning against the rough brick wall. Her pussy is aching in her panties, clenching and unclenching the way it does every time she has the urge to be fucked hard. She looks over at me, a perfect stranger and she is suddenly conscious about the way my eyes travel over the thin camisole beneath her jacket, travelling low over her breasts.

 Her nipples harden unconsciously at the thrill of being eyed by me and at my mercy. She stays very still. It's my move.

 The time on the bus, the teasing walk, the occasional seductive glance back at me have all combined to flood my body with hormones giving me a raging erection. This taking a bit longer than I had hoped and I am feeling a little trepidation. Just as my hopes are in jeopardy she stops and leans up against the brik wall!! A shot of adrenaline shoots through my body.

 I stride up to her and place my hands on the wall just above her shoulders, pausing to drink in her beauty with my blue eyes, filling myself with her sensual aura. I feel the heat rising from her body, see the rise and fall of her breasts with each heavy breath she takes.

 I see no one around and know if I continue I will not be able to stop! I lean in and kiss her passionately, firmly, my tounge parting her lips, intertwining with hers as I let my weight press against her, pinning her against the brick wall.

 She feels my hard cock pressing urgently against her, the heat of it setting her afire!
 I feel her erect nipples pressing into my chest concentrating sensations of pleasure as they press into me, branding me with their heat.

 As we continue this heated embrace I begin to rotate my hips, grinding my cock against her, pressing her tighter against the wall. Her hands begin to wander over my body checking out what her eyes have not yet been able to see. I pull back from our kiss and begin to kiss her cheek, her neck, her ear lobe. I nip her earlobe, flick it lightly with my tounge, nip it again.

 I brush aside her silky brown hair and bury my face in her neck where I begin to kiss her smooth, hot flesh! I move my left hand down, slide it between us, to her breast. I roughly massage it, pinching her nipple through the thin material of her top. My other hand drops to her pussy.

 The heat is incredible! I cup her mound in my hand, feeling a hint of moistness through her jeans. There is no stopping now!

 I glance around, still no one in the area. I notice an alcove just a few feet away. The dusk has cast a deep shadow in it, leaving just enough light for us to see each other well, but subdued enough that a passing cyclist would likely not notice.

 I grab her by the shoulders and move her to the alcove and urgently push her back against the bricks. I hurriedly unzip her woolen jacket and peel it off. I see her erect nipples protruding through her camisole, see the sweet skin on the swell of her breasts as they rise and fall with each breath. God what a wonderful sight!

 I pull the delicate material of her camisole up, bunching it up above her breasts. I totally expose those succulent orbs! Her hands move to my cock, urgently stroking and squeezing it through the material of my pants. Precum is beginning to soak the material.

 I drop down and take one of her nipples into my hot mouth, sucking firmly and rapidly flicking my tounge across the tip of it! She sucks in a deep breath through clenched teeth, an electric jolt courses through her body, her pussy spasms with anticipation of the good, hard fuck to come!

 I reach down and unfasten her jeans. She begins to open my pants and unleash my engorged cock.

 Just as she is about to get it out I drop down. Using both hands I unfasten her pants, grabbing them along with her panties and with one quick, urgent motion I pull them down to her ankles.

 I stand back up, pausing along the way to quickly stroke my talented tounge across her clit. The intoxicating, sweet aroma of her pussy inflames me further. Her neatly trimmed brown hair frames those succulent pussy lips perfectly. The dim light glistens off the sweet nectar seeping from her pussy. The nub of her excited clit barely protudes from those puffy lips.

 As I stand I drop my pants exposing my cock to the cooling air. She gasps with delight and desire and drops down. The rough stones of the walk grabbing at the flesh of her knees and she takes the head of my cock between those perfect lips, swirling her tounge around and tasting my sweet precum, lapping up the copious amount that has slicked my cock head.

 This is outstanding, but not what I so urgently want at the moment! I reach down under her arms to pull her up. As she feels the pressure of my hands pulling her up she quickly runs my 7.5" cock deep into her mouth, sucking hard and tonguing it as I pull her up and off of my cock!

 I quickly turn her around and bend her over. The rough bricks bite into the palms of her hands as she braces herself, preparing for and wanting a hard fucking.

 I spread her legs as much as the jeans around her ankles will allow. I grasp my cock and slide the head of it up and down between her magnificent ass cheeks. She quivers with delight and anticipation.

 The friction of her cheeks on my saliva and precum slicked cock head send waves of intense pleasure from the sensitive head of my cock to the core of my being! I press my cock harder against her and continue rubbing it up and down from her asshole to her clit. Her pussy is on fire!

 The sensation of my cock sliding across her asshole, parting those succulent pussy lips, gliding past her entrance and across her clit makes her tingle, like a thousand bees are buzzing inside of her!

 I tap the head of my rampant member agsinst her clit, making her jump slightly with each tap! What a comely sight - her beautiful ass moving in reaction to my cock tapping her clit!

 Her sweet nectar is trickling down her thighs. Precum is leaking from my cock. I stroke it once again up to her asshole, pausing slightly, rubbing the head of it over and around her nether entrance, pushing slightly! But that is not what I want right now, hopefully another time!!

 I must have that hot pussy now!! I aim my cock at the entrance to her hot pussy and slide it between her swollen lips! I grab her waist and push my cock deep into her! She sucks in a deep breath and arches her back as she feels that hot flesh spear her inflamed pussy! God that is so hot, so wet, so tight! My balls rest against her lips. As I pause slightly she feels my cock twitching with each beat of my heart, so deep inside of her.

 I begin to urgently fuck that hot pussy. With each stroke she feels my crown rub against her outer lips then feels my balls slam against her clit. We both know it will not be long now, the anticipation, the teasing leading up to this has had us hovering on the verge of orgasm!

 What a sight - my cock plunging in and out of those succulent lips! The sound of my stomach slapping against her ass echos within the walls of our little area.

 She begins to moan loudly with each powerful thrust, a familiar sensation building deep within her loins, spreading through her body! I sense this and it drives my passion higher.

 I smack one of those lovely ass cheeks as I continue to fuck her pussy hard! The sound of the smacks echoing off the walls of our enclave and crashing into the echos of my stomach slapping her ass! I wet my middle finger and slide it deeply into her asshole. This puts her into overdrive! I feel the cum building, getting ready to spurt out of my cock! I sense her orgasm nearing. I bend over enough to reach under and grab one of those magnificent tits. I pull on it, massage it, pinch the nipple as I pull on it in unison with my cock slamming her pussy and my finger sawing in and out of her ass!

 She screams, muffles it, and groans loudly as her orgasm racks her body! I pound her pussy harder, seemingly trying to drive my balls into her pussy also! I feel that hot cunt clenching my cock and - OMG - I erupt! I bite my tounge to keep from crying out, every muscle in my body contracts as I pump three hot spurts of cum inside of her pussy! I feel it begin to leak out around my cock, along with her cunt juice! Our orgasm ebbs, then subsides!

 I slide my cock out of her well used cunt and stand her up, turn her around, wrap my arms around her and kiss her warmly.

 I whisper in her ear - "that was fantastic" - and nestle my face against her neck!

 She runs her fingers through my hair, breathless, feeling my warm cum still trickling down her thighs, making a wet trail down her legs. She realizes she does not know my name, nor do I know hers. A perfect stranger has just buried his warm, hard cock into her throbbingly wet pussy.

 She shivers at the thought, half in fearful disbelief and half in pleasure, and reaches down to scoop the cum off her skin with her finger before it cools in the evening air. Leaning back a bit, stroking her thumb over her cheek, she makes sure I look straight into her eyes as her tongue slips out, wet and pink, and licks my creamy jism right off her finger.

 She swallows and licks her glistening lips clean before smiling at me in a rather shy yet playfully naughty manner.

 Driven by the taste of my cum she drops back down and takes my semi-rigid cock balls deep into her mouth. She sucks hard and slowly slides her lips up the shaft. She wraps her soft fingers around it and milks tha last bit of cum out as her tongue bathes the head of my cock.

Then with a quick wriggle she pulls her jeans back up while I shield her from the gaze of passers-by with my body. She re-arranges her camisole. Her heavy breasts still heave from the excitement of being roughly fucked. I can see them rise and fall, hear her breath quicken and slow, feel the warmth of her thrilled body against mine.

 She reaches into her purse and retrieves a piece of paper and a pen. Scribbling something down, she slides the paper into my back pocket, taking a moment to teasingly grope my ass. Then she ducks under my arm and hastens off with rapid strides.

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