Well First of all, the common "Hello world!"

Well My name is Santiago Zarate. I'm from Caracas, Venezuela.

Well a little bit a bout myself:

I'm a programmer (PHP), and also i give Tech Support to some Private companies, and many clients out there. I know some of SQL thingies... and well some Mysql and PostgreSQL things...

I've been arround with (K)Ubuntu from about 9-10 months, may be over a year... and well it has worked for me... i'm still using it, and i guess i will for a LOOOONG while.

Currently i'm a collaborator in the VenezuelanTeam. Also i work for a little software company, and for the venezuelan Gov, but that's another history...

At this point, im beginning to start a little movement, about not only using ubuntu, but about contributing with it... specially reporting bugs... and for those interested, to develop for the rest of the comunityu, so we all can have more, and can give more fo this.

Mainly i participate in launchpad's translations... but i'm more active on mailing lists (ubuntu-ve's list) and the forums at our fraternity.

Also i make some propaganda for ubuntu among my friends, and the Highschool where i studied... teaching people how to use it... If they want.

I love to share my knowledge, and also i like to leanr new things, that's why i felt so identified with ubuntu... Just because of the people that uses it... its just Great, cant' say other words about it... The only thing that is profitable, and costs nothing, but if you dont have it, you're nothing, its the Knowledge... it is even way more powerful than any weapon or richness... If you dont have any knwoledge about nothing.. then you dont exist... That's the way i think.. (I hope noone thinks the worng ida about this).

 -- I barely use launchpad now, just keeping this as is only to remember how bad my english was 10+ years ago :P

you can find me on Github, currently QA engineer @ SUSE

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