A group of maintainers of FreeCAD Ubuntu packages, also responsible for the official Launchpad branch. This team maintains 3 different PPAs,listed below: "Stable Releases" contains one version built manually after each new stable release (0.12, 0.13, etc...) while "Daily Builds" is built automatically everyday from the source code repo. We suggest adding "Daily Builds" if you want to follow the development of FreeCAD. Each page below contains instructions to add the PPA to your system.

The OCE Releases PPA hosts updated packages of OCE (Open CASCADE Community Edition), the geometric modeling kernel software library used by FreeCAD. It is not intended for end users.

Note: we are not looking for new members at this time. Any request to join this team will be ignored if you do not first contact us and explain why you want to join. Thank you.

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