Maintainer of some Debian packages. Contributor to OpenStreetMap. GNUstep fan. If you are interested creating an official GNUstep Ubuntu system (, contact me. Part of my plan is to get built from the emacs source package (--with-ns)., clang. And maybe even Swift (

Debian Team member of:
- Debian GNUstep maint. <email address hidden>
- Debian Multimedia Team <email address hidden>
- Debian Science Team <email address hidden>
- Debian Fonts Task Force <email address hidden>
- Debian Games Team <email address hidden>

Launchpad bugs:
Karma counter bug, only using Maintainer address, ignoring Uploaders
Likewise for "Related packages", Uploaders not listed -> difficult to track bugs. Maybe someone @Ubuntu or @Canonical cares to fix it?

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